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“In a time where many musicians sound all the same,
it is a pleasure to hear something as unique as Cabezas de Cera.”

CDC (“Wax Heads”) is one of the most avant-garde bands in the country.  The band has toured in Europe, Asia and America. Its unfettered music is marked by the equilibrium between the acoustic and the electronic.   

The unconventional instrumental display with unique instruments made out of metal, live looping and improvisation, amaze the listener, who discovers an expansive duo that sounds alive as if it were an orchestra in continual self-building, in transit between rock, jazz, Mexican folk music, improvisation and music from all over the world. This turns into an unusual presence, not only on stage, but in their musical background for films and performances as well.


Cabezas de Cera música y metalistería

Cabezas de Cera - Prismática - Jarana y Percusiones

Cabezas de Cera - Migrante - Teatro de la Ciudad

Cabezas de Cera - Gente en Domingo

Cabezas de Cera - Caligari

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