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“Sotelo brothers show us in “Brotherhood” project an exquisite dynamism via metals and strings with accessories such as armastoste, kalimba, saltery prism to recreate melodic music, traditional, progressive and rock, which conquer the mind and allow you a frank thrill.”

Revista Music Life, México, enero de 2013.

“Hermandad es un paso firme hacia adelante en el nuevo reino de las Cabezas de Cera”

Peter Thelen, Exposé Magazine, USA.

This duo creates sound spaces where the music of all times are bound together in an interpretative freedom, full of broad passages and vast instrumentation with a variety of techniques and electronic processing in real time.
This performance seduces the spectator through sight and hearing since on stage they are able to appreciate a variety of shapes and metals used in its instruments. The Charrophone, the Jarana Prism, the Kitai Drum, the Tricordium; besides the Psalter Prism, the Stick, the Hand Sonic among others, are some of the characters that will appear on the scene to sound on the heads of all kinds of public.



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