The darkness on stage was like an empty canvas, on which Mexican band Cabezas De Cera painted a warm picture of a sunny Latin American village. The soulful sounds of the Jarana Prisma, a native Mexican stringed instrument, transported a small crowd at Kamani auditorium to the land of the Chichén-Itzá on Monday.

The three-member band, which was in the Capital to celebrate Mexico’s national day, performed a number of original compositions in two distinct styles – one with a Spanish and Mexican influence, and the other that had an international flavour.

Among the most popular original compositions was the song which guitarist Maurico Sotelo fondly calls “The Godzilla”. Full of heavy beats, high-voltage electronic guitar sounds and occasional screams and blasts, it echoed with a sense of chaotic balance. The string instruments, like the music, was unconventional — the Jarana Prisma, the Windi Midi, the 12-string guitar – as was the especially designed electro acoustic drum kit. The only jarring note was the crowd strength — if only the hall had been even half full.

Prajakta Hebbar